Filipinos are proven to be creative in so many ways, and there are a lot of Filipinos that made a name in the local and global music scene like, Danny Brown, and Manila Grey to name a few. With the local hip-hop scene running currently on the right track and continues to grow, here’s a list of some artists that made our playlist for this month.

Indio is one of the household names in the local hip-hop scene. Hailing from the City of Makati, in the heart of the Philippines, his track ‘Gang Mamatay’ features a funky tune that will surely make your head bob.

Also don’t forget to check out his Soundcloud for more.

Hailing from the North-East is an uprising hip-hop group with a handful of of fresh young talents. Rocking the whole town with their flagship track ‘Safe’, Ninety’Nice’s craft immediately blew -up not only in Pangasinan but also in Manila.

Also check out other goodies from Ninety’Nice.

3. In Phill We Trust

Speaking of fresh talent, another young-gun, uprising artist that made our list this month is a local artist who brew his craft in his bedroom. Clearly, one doesn’t need lucrative gears to create a decent content. Talking about his struggles and tagging himself as someone who trusts the process (where most people are quite impatient to do.), In Phill We Trust drops “The Process” as his maiden track under Sovereign Society™ .

In Phill We Trust is set to release two more tracks in the course of two months. Surely this quarantine squeezed out creative juices from people.


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