As part of Macanne Group of Creatives Limited’s 2020 initiative, is a launch of another flagship brand that emerges from the local street culture scene-Sovereign Society™. The brand launched under the radar last Monday, 25 May, 2020 (+8:00GMT) with a nothing-fancy social media post and bumpers. Yet just a few hours after it’s official launching, Sovereign Society™ dropped it’s first bomb as they begin to endorse artists, brands, and reveals an upcoming platform showing the kids a proper example of a ‘commit to conquer’ action plan.

With the tagline, “For Creators, By Creators”, Macanne Group Co-Founder and Sovereign Society™ Chief Visionary Officer Macky Daus explained the backbone of a 5 years in the making brand Sovereign Society™. Started out as a product of “mere-boredom” while being cooped up in his room in Sligo, Ireland 5 years ago, Macky struggles to name a brand that he once envision as “Future Proof” Community based brand wherein consumers could navigate their way into a deeper understanding and experience of the local, independent urban culture. A community wherein creators may collaborate despite their differences in niche, interests and style. As we quote “It takes one to create something, and another to make it grow”.

Sovereign Society™ launched last 25th May, 2020 with a subtle social media presence that would later be a stepping stone as they reveal their commitment to conquer plan-of-action. Sovereign Society™ teases two independent artists to sign under the brand. Odinsön is the first one to grace the gates of the brand as it’s main label as they release his maiden track The Process. A second artist is yet to be revealed in the coming weeks.

The Process by Odinsön

Alongside with this overwhelming announcement, the brand has also announced that their flagship online radio show will again commence its broadcast by July 18, 2020. The Weekenders is a weekend radio show that enables its listeners to get more of what the mainstream shows about the local independent creative scene with occasional guests from the local industry.

Sovereign Society™ also teases an announcement that is to be made on June 30, 2020. A much-awaited surprise that most of their partners and followers are itching to know. Follow Sovereign Society™ on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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