Macanne Group, We.Hrvst Lifestyle and Sovereign Society’s mother company was not spared at all by the consequences and struggles brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most startup companies around the globe struggle to cope with the pandemic, Macanne Group or MGC suffers the same.

It has been confirmed by the international operations director of the company in Galway, Ireland that due to the unprecedented and unforeseen effects of the global pandemic to the industry, MGC lost half of its working assets leading a decision to halt its operations in most of their satellite arms. MGC Singapore, where most of their systems and servers are being managed and handled said that they have already reduced their manpower since March of this year. MGC Abu Dhabi, MGC Barcelona and MGC Milan already took its toll and halted their operations last June. Aside from their operating assets, the pandemic also pummeled their partners’ operations placing all expected revenues for the year on hold.

MGC Founders and Executives have yet to release an official statement on the official status of the company and its possible resolutions.

As of September 02, 2020. MGC ceased its operations in Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Dublin, Barcelona, Milan, Abu Dhabi, and closed their Film Brand Local Folk Studios until further notice. What’s left of the company are the two flagship brands that they carry.

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