For eight years, Macanne Group (formerly We.Hrvst Lifestyle Blog) has been promoting the independent urban culture not only in their home country, the Philippines but also in other parts of world, and it’s about time for this project to be carried out by a standalone brand that aims to immerse its consumers into a more in-depth experience of the growing niche.

Spearheaded by Macanne Group’s founder and Chief Visionary Officer Macky Daus, Sovereign Society™ will deliver an in-depth street culture experience, accompanied by documentaries, write ups, physical and digital publications, and interviews distributed on different digital platforms which is the main persona of its parent company Macanne Group of Creatives.

The move will be part of the company’s 2020 Initiative and is set to be deployed mid-July this year following the previous announcement of launching Sovereign Society™ last March that quickly took its share of the on-going COVID19 crisis and moved it on a later date.

In a closed door meeting that transpired last May 2019, attended by the Chief Visionary Officer Macky Daus, Regional Director Vince Cruz, Creative Director Khriz Seville and former Chief Creative Officer Sue Hernandez the group thoroughly discussed the potential valuation and stand point of sovereign which by then is directly pointed towards the fashion industry as a lifestyle, it then evolved to a single-strand niche tagging it under the lifestyle category after numerous plannings and strategic approaches that spanned for at least 4 months after the first touch.

“With so much on our plate, also considering the fact that we were technically in a strict timeline we had our own share of lapses to the point that we had to do a re-run on things” said Macky.

According to Macanne Group Executives, Sovereign Society™ will be published and deployed accordingly through We.Hrvst Lifestyle’s YouTube Channel for its webcast and live podcast sessions however, a dedicated YouTube channel will be available for its documentaries and profiles. As previously planned Articles will be published through We.Hrvst Lifestyle’s and Sovereign Society™ ‘s website and social media pages. We.Hrvst Lifestyle will still continue publishing digi-mags while Sovereign Society™ will publish physical copy of its biannual slate.

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