The NCOV-19 truly affected most companies whether big or small. Clients have been placed on hold, some of the big fishes in the corporate world had been so adamant to even move a muscle. Employees and co-workers are affected all over the world. And if you think you’re safe from the business drought just because your business dashboard works online, well think again.

But, amidst this global implementation of a lock-down, Macanne Creatives tries to sway their way out and continue as planned. Just early this month, We.Hrvst Lifestyle, Macanne’s flagship brand launched its broadcast website capable of all the things one could simply imagine for a company this small. Earlier last year, Macanne Creatives Limited, revealed its 20/20 initiative, with high aims to give the community a 20/20 clear vision of what’s ahead for their fellow creatives in the technological and innovative world.

It could’ve been dreadful for some, that they have to sacrifice tons of promising clients because of the preventive measures that the government is currently enforcing, but Macanne Limited is very persistent that they will continue to move with the flow of the current situation.

Macanne Group, finalized its 4 brands and four platforms that would deliver their causes and is set to procure each by August of this year. These brands includes Bonafide, a clothing line/lifestyle brand. Local Folk a premier media production Film suite WeHrvst lifestyle, its flagship media/lifestyle show and The Producers Platform set in a podcast type of channel. Conquering all possible media aspects.

Know more about Macanne Group and their aims at .

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