A new era has just begun. 

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognised an outbreak in the world which they characterized it as a pandemic. See here.

The fatal coronavirus (COVID-19) has gradually increased from beginning with several cases in China into escalating  into other territories bringing the world in mortal shock. 

Reluctant to say, (WHO) could have thought? 

The outbreak heaved and crept its way to spread and corrupt the world in unprecedented ways. What lies in store for the future of humanity?

Being in isolation, this pandemic made me realize that there exists a bigger threat, that it is not simply the outbreak that is the potential threat but also the risk factors it brings

The Economic Downturn

A drastic effect has occurred and we have been hit by massive losses. Imagine, in one day a notice of lost jobs, schools halted/closed prematurely, postponement or cancellation of events/celebrations, closure of businesses, gains and losses of foreign exchange and the law of supply and demand is looked upon. The greatest question is, when will this be over?

Measures for the mitigation of COVID-19 called for social distancing, hence the closures/stoppage of work and business activities. Currently, there has been at least 40% of the workforce that has been under a “no work, no pay” policy under furlough or layoffs from companies. Upon lifting of said measures, there are considerations that affect an individual’s needs for basic security to support his family

First is securing food, the primary necessity. 

Second would be to secure shelter, which includes payments of utilities, rents and amortizations.

Third, and if budget allows, a consideration to prepare for future expenses and investments (e.g. restoration of business, school tuition, vacation plans etc

The list could go on, but the situation proves that this is the reality of financial assessment. How much more for  underprivileged families who rely on government funding?

It is never an easy task because even with the movement and lifting of quarantine, society will still function at an estimated 25% capacity, as social distancing will remain enforced.

It is painless to safely assume that a vaccine breakthrough lies ahead than for an economic recovery to happen soon. This is a grim reality, a nightmare for everyone!

The Political Strategies

We witness heads of states resolving and abiding on resolutions and continuing to argue over the most effective strategies to contain the spread as well as to implement rules to the public. Basically, we are holding on to what we can do and how effectively we can prevent the spread of the disease. 

The political structure under this pandemic is poised to become a  threat because the future of our leaders could be dictated on how rapidly we can implement the strategies. It also leaves them mindful of future strategies to address this open-note global threat. 

Low health care system is also sought on and affects the country’s preparedness and capability and means of functioning. These are some of the facets that our existing and future leaders should be reminded of on the next political change.

We are left with no choice but to rely on standards and rules that can take action for its country. This is where our government’s funding and focus on a bigger health care system, unlike other countries who have the monetary means and capability to have “global epidemic responses”. 

Apart from the government maintaining the balance and coordination with our health care system, there are significant rises of retaliation from its citizens. This is true for most countries with weak politics and havoc in the eyes of its citizens

The growing coronavirus caseload will serve as a tragic reminder to the country’s leaders that not all threats are military in nature” (Nael Shama, FP Insider News)

Physical and Mental Health

While terror lurks in the outside world most of its citizens hold on to dear selves in the fight against the greatest threat, isolation.

In fear of being contaminated, the restrictions of rapid  measures disrupt daily routines, and even the scare of scheduled appointments to the hospital places us at risk. People are kept with activities that have to remain indoors, and also to adapt with the resources that they have.

According to the American Psychological Association, there exists imminent evidence that isolation leads to a ‘significantly increased risk for premature mortality’ and other health indicators; that being connected with society is considered ‘a fundamental human need—crucial to both well-being and survival.’

Apart from this, we face the effects that our mental health can hold, and the inevitable need to stay at home and care for ourselves. There may have been families divided, our loved ones far away, and no chances of goodbye for those who passed away. 

The thought of a foreseeable future lies at stake, the future of employees, businesses in recession, the lives that most are living and toppled mindsets of those needing physical touch or outreach. This leads to stress management that we can hope to handle.

Even the thought of watching news, streaming in social media for references and seeing how other countries are facing the same way is a mind stressor in our lives.

Surviving Towards the Future

We are in the middle of a pandemic, one as yet without a cure. An unforeseen event in which the only way to survive is through discipline and the use of resources that we can acquire.

No one can safely predict and make a forecast of the future of humanity. The situation remains fluid with tons of guessing games going on.

The idea of flattening the curve indicates how we as a country can rely on. This should be before resuming with normal operations, until such time the situation doesn’t aggravate. We see the growing number of infected, deaths and the progress of recoveries. The trial and error of humanity is what we can barely hold on to.

It’s the mindset that may fail as a country and the hope for change even if it is still far from reach. 

As we reassess ourselves for the hope of a better future, one way is to see the healing world in a healthy and positive mindset. 

There will be tons of realizations that the world untold will reveal, some of which may change the way we look at people, things, values and our very own selves. 

We will also come to the ponder that the breakthrough of science poses great importance, one that some fail to see.

With the pandemic on hand, there is hope in ways we can seek peace with our minds. A choice in leaning towards encouraging faith in our views may it be religious or spiritual. 

While this is surely an effective way of addressing our mortal sanity and believing in the Promised Hope of salvation, we are set to challenge ourselves to a yearning of bringing back peace.

Fighting Until The End

The battle isn’t over yet. I did not draft this to remind my readers that these factors are here to continue to bring chaos in our lives. Instead, it is by encouraging that the mind-set towards new life and globalization is still hopeful

It is to remind that technology has its breakthrough, and we need to utilize it for the better of not only the present we did not choose to live in, but a future where we can all be in. 

The world is currently never at rest, there is anarchy. The breakthrough of countries supporting others for medical intelligence in search of the vaccine is the world coming together to defeat the enemy.  There’s not much what we can do for the world, but to contribute in our small ways.

Here we are, unconsciously defeating this era. The new normal. Mother Nature maybe healing, but in time she will bloom again.

More updates on cases rising can be found and monitored at the  John Hopkins University dashboard.

My best appreciation to my sub-authors: Alan Siao & Angeli Echiverri

Photo courtesy: Pixabay

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