It has been 5 months since Sovereign Society™ launched and broke away with We.Hrvst Lifestyle's niche with the objective to uproot local creatives and give them the nudge and exposure they truly deserve.
As part of Macanne Group of Creatives Limited's 2020 initiative, is a launch of another flagship brand that emerges from the local street culture scene-Sovereign Society™. The brand launched under the radar last Monday, 25 May, 2020 (+8:00GMT) with a nothing-fancy social media post and bumpers.
Filipinos are proven to be creative in so many ways, and there are a lot of Filipinos that made a name in the local and global music scene like, Danny Brown, and Manila Grey to name a few. With the local hip-hop scene running currently on the right track and continues to grow, here's a list of some artists that made our playlist for this month.