A Collective That works #WithYou

MacanneGroup is a creative collective founded by by 4 creatives from different industries that aims to pioneer a young and creative centered approach to media production, and entrepreneurship.

MacanneGroup reaches on all four corners of the globe through our arms located in
Galway, and Milan.

Our Team

Macanne Group consists of creatives, business person and professionals from different industries that share a common cloud on entrepreneurship and creative supremacy.

Macky Daus

Co-Founder/Chief Visionary Officer

Kimi Siao

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Antonette Aquino

Co-Founder/Chief Correspondent

Rajah Olasiman

Co-Founder/Chief Media Officer

Vince Cruz

Regional Media Coordinator

Toots Aldeguer

Operations Executive

Mina Ohdate

Regional Creative Coordinator

Mich De Joya

Regional Operations Coordinator

Lyia Tan

Creative Correspondent

Misha Fabian

Creative Coordinator

Mika Sagaysay

Creative Coordinator

Our Brands